Dining Tsars [Catherine the Great's banquet setting, BioBot reconnaissance, vigilant Haniwa horses, again the Skies of March (2015-16)

Marlena Novak: 3D
Jay Alan Yim: audio

In the spirit of Borges' imaginary Chinese encyclopedia "The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge", Dining Tsars creates a dreamy speculative banquet scene as the site where three different worlds overlap and interpenetrate, superimposing Catherine the Great's exquisite dinnerware, taxidermied peacocks and porcelain figurines as they appear to melt and decay, while vigilant Haniwa horses secure the perimeter, and an inquisitive flock of bio-bots explore the territory. Dining Tsars is one of twelve sections that comprise the twenty-minute video installation "Naming Things".

Amsterdam 2017
Chicago 2017
M√ľnich 2017
Copenhagen 2017
Wrexham 2016
Los Angeles 2016
Chicago 2016
Korcula 2015