Frontier (2009-10)

Marlena Novak: video
Jay Alan Yim: audio

Curiosity and the urge to explore are intertwined with the human propensity to exploit and develop any new environment. Beyond the debris of dystopia, there is the alchemical promise of 'uncharted terrain', imbued with the mythically optimistic potential we ascribe to the unknown, new world (wherever that might be). This marks the frontier — the interstice between form and formlessness, smooth and striated space — where perforated spacetime gives way to the restructuring of matter (although the sense of disorientation may be oddly familiar), and the willingness to risk staking a claim might be rewarded with new opportunities.

Caochangdi 2014
Amsterdam 2013
Chicago 2013
São Paolo 2012
Chicago 2012
Belgrade 2011
Barcelona 2010
Torino 2010
London 2010
The Hague 2009
Budapest 2009